Silver Membership

Casa Silver is our free starter product - perfect for you to get your toes wet in the world of self-sovereign security.

Anyone can sign up for Casa Silver. Simply create an account here and download our Casa Keymaster app for iOS or Android.

The Keymaster app for Silver members features a single mobile key which is stored on your phone, and securely encrypted and backed up to the cloud. Using the mobile key requires only your device (your phone) for signing and sending transactions. 

You can also use your Silver membership credentials to log into Sats App, and sync your Mobile Key there, if desired. Likewise, if you've created a new, free account in Sats App, you're a Silver member with us, and you can use those credentials to log into Keymaster. 

Our paid membership plans above Silver membership comes with additional features, support, and products. 

You can explore and compare membership plans here

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