What does Keymaster do?

Keymaster is the best personal key manager on the planet.

This multisig Bitcoin wallet, built and maintained by Casa, adds layers of security to your Bitcoin holdings. With Keymaster, you can sleep soundly knowing your bitcoin are secure. 

Keymaster comes in multiple flavors:

- A mobile key wallet is integrated into the app at any plan level.

- Basic multisig (2 of 3) is available for Silver (coming soon!) and Gold members.

- Key Shield Advanced multisig (3 of 5) is available for Platinum and Diamond memberships. 

With basic multisig, you have a mobile key (your phone), a hardware device key (a Trezor or a Ledger), and Casa's emergency recovery key. Two of these three keys are needed to spend funds from the app.

With Key Shield (advanced multisig), you have a mobile device key (your phone), three hardware wallet devices (Trezor or Ledger), and Casa's emergency recovery key. Three of these five keys are needed to spend funds from the app.

Since you need multiple keys to spend funds from your Keymaster wallet, the key that Casa holds for emergency recovery cannot by itself be used to spend funds. This way, you don't need to trust Casa, but can still use Casa to help you spend funds in the unlikely event that you lose access to your own key(s). 

You can learn more about Keymaster and our memberships here


Mark Engelberg

I'm assessing whether Casa's keyshield program is suitable for me. Can you please explain to me more about the key rotation process, and what the UI is for that? I have a deep technical understanding of bitcoin, so you are welcome to explain in technical terms. I'm especially interested to understand how you handle the common case where something like Trezor's firmware needs to be upgraded in a way that would ordinarily require a seed. If you update all 3 of your hardware wallets at once, you wouldn't have enough keys to be able to transfer to the new combination, so it must be a rather complicated process. Can you please describe? Thanks.

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