Getting Started with Keymaster

The Keymaster app is the most advanced key manager on the planet. You've chosen wisely.

Keymaster is supported for both iPhone and Android.

Since this app is exclusive to Casa members, you'll need to sign up for a Silver membership here or Gold Membership here and create your Casa account prior to using Keymaster.

Already a Casa Silver or Gold member? Great! We've created this video tutorial that walks you step-by-step through the process of setting up basic multisig with Keymaster:

If you'd prefer written instructions, we've got your back...

1) Download the Keymaster App and log in to your Casa account. This is the same email and password you used to sign up for your Casa membership.

2) You're now at you Keymaster Dashboard. First, set up your Casa Recovery key (tap the "Casa" logo icon). This key is managed by Casa, but cannot by itself be used to access funds. The recovery key is only ever used if you lose access to one of your other keys, so hopefully you won't ever need to use it. 

During the process of setting up your recovery key, you'll be asked a series of security questions. The answers to the security questions should be something that only you know, but something you'll be able to remember! If you ever need to use the recovery key, you'' need to answer all of these questions exactly as they were written during this setup process.

3) Create your Mobile Key (tap the Mobile icon).  This will create a key directly on your mobile device. This is one of the keys that you'll normally use to sign and send transactions. 

4) Lastly, we'll set up your hardware device. Your hardware device will first need to be initialized. If you haven't already initialized your device, do that now. You will need to initialize your hardware device by following the instructions given in the packaging of your hardware device.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've already set up your hardware device, you should transfer all funds off the device, then wipe the device before returning to step 5 below. We always recommend using a dedicated hardware device for your multisig setup.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using a Trezor Model T, you'll need to write down the seed phrase for the verification step, but then destroy the seed phrase after verifying it. We have a faster and cleaner method of seedless initialization in development.

5) Once your hardware device has been initialized, you can tap the hardware device icon in the Keymaster dashboard and follow the instructions to link the hardware wallet device. An email will be sent to you requesting to "Link your Device." Click on the "Connect Device" button in the email, connect your hardware device,  export the public key (we NEVER have access to your private key!), and you're finished.

6) Review your completed Basic Multisig 2-of-3. Tap on each of your keys to view public keys, perform a Health Check, or mark a key as compromised (which will begin a recovery process).  It's recommend that you test your setup using Testnet Bitcoin before onboarding real funds. If you do use real funds, start with small amounts.

You can try signing transactions, flagging keys as compromised, Health Checks and more – all without the risk of losing real funds.  Grab a receive address and go to this Testnet Bitcoin faucet to get some Testnet Bitcoin!

You’ll navigate the Keymaster app with these 2 primary views:

  • Your security view —  shows you which keys are set-up, active, or compromised. This is where you perform health checks and view your security status.  
  • Your assets tab — a view of all the asset balances you have within your different keys (i.e. mobile, multisig). This is where your transactions live.

You also have the Help and Settings tab. Help brings you to your support options, and in Settings you can send yourself sovereign recovery info, allow for log data to be collected, and change your phone PIN security level.

Please note that you can also us the mobile key as a "single-signing device" in a separate wallet on Keymaster. You can use the mobile wallet to store smaller amounts of Bitcoin, and requires only your phone to sign and send transactions.  

You're now set up with Keymaster by Casa, the most advanced key manager on the planet.

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