Multisig Security Best Practices

Our Gold, Platinum, and Diamond memberships allow you to set up and manage your multisig completely self-sufficiently. We strive to provide tools that allow for sovereignty, but also want to provide as much guidance as possible to prevent dangerous missteps.  

Here are some tips & practices that will help you stay safe & sovereign:

  • Multi-location is just as important as multisig! Avoid keeping your hardware wallet in the same location or within reach of your phone key.
  • DO NOT write down your seed phrase while setting up a Trezor with Casa multisig.
  • If using a Ledger, you’ll need to write the seed phrase down once upon device setup.
  • Write half of the phrase on one piece of paper, and the second half on another paper.
  • After you’re finished confirming the seed on the device, burn both pieces of paper immediately.
  • Use a randomly generated, unique password for your Casa account and secure it with a password manager like 1Password or LastPass.
  • Keep your hardware device locked in a safe at home or another safe location.

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