Purchasing Casa Node Without Membership

We do not currently sell the node as a standalone product without the membership. We want you to experience the Casa Node in combination with Keymaster, the best multisignature key manager on the planet. This significantly increases the bandwidth of your personal Bitcoin sovereignty!

We combined our products and services into one amazing experience with multiple levels in order to align our company incentives as tightly as possible with our customers. For this reason, purchasing a Casa Node automatically comes with a Gold membership.

As a Gold member, you not only get world class support for both your node and the Keymaster multisig Bitcoin key manager, you also get access to new hardware devices from Casa. 

We think you'll be very happy with the Gold membership offerings. However, even if you should choose not to renew your membership, the Casa Node will continue to run and receive necessary updates.

You can learn more about our membership packages here.

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