My node's dashboard is stuck perpetually loading.

If only the Lightning tile of your node dashboard is stuck spinning, this is caused by LND repeatedly crashing, usually due to errors with uPnP or port forwarding. You can likely fix this issue by setting up port forwarding correctly in the Casa Node interface.

  1. If you’re repeatedly getting the Unlock Casa Node popup, click Cancel. (If you’re just seeing Lightning “Loading…” but not having the password issue, skip to step #3
  2. Your dashboard will show that Lightning is “Locked”, but this is ok for now.
  3. Click on “Manage Node” under Lightning. Then click the Details button in the Connection Settings section.
  4. Click “Continue with Port Forwarding” on the Connection Details pop-up.
  5. Follow the instructions in the port forwarding guide here. Make sure to use the external IP address of your node and port 9735, as detailed in the guide.
  6. After you save the new port forwarding settings, the page will refresh. Unlock the node using your password as normal. After a minute or so, the Lightning node should display the sync status – if you see this, you’re good to go.

If your all three tiles of your node dashboard are stuck spinning, your IP address may have changed. To solve for this, see our help article on the topic here.

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