My Bitcoin node is active, but unable to connect to some external services.

We most often hear about this issue from users who are unable to find their device using a service like Bitnodes. Bitnodes checks to see if your node is online by trying to become a peer of your node, and each peer added soaks up more of your node's processing power and memory. In order to help maintain the node's speed of operation, we recently placed a cap on the number of peers that Casa Nodes can have.

You can verify that your Bitcoin node is up and running by checking whether it has inbound and outbound connections. To do this, click the Manage Node button within the Bitcoin tile of your node dashboard.

If you confirm that you have inbound and outbound connections and are still unable to find your Bitcoin node using a third party service like Bitnodes, this likely means that your Casa Node has reached its connected peers limit.

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