My node's IP address has changed. What do I do?

If you suspect that your node's IP address has changed, you can confirm this using the instructions in the article here.

As long as you find the correct IP address associated with your node, you an access your Casa Node dashboard by typing it directly into your browser.

You'll also need to ensure that your node's connection details update to reflect your new IP address. This should happen automatically, but there are rare instances in which it does not. To update your node's connection code, navigate to Manage Node in the Lightning tile of your dashboard. Next, click the Details button adjacent to your Connection Status. Click Edit Connection Details and enter the new IP address.

Lastly, if you've enabled port forwarding, you should ensure that your router's port forwarding settings account for the new IP address. If you've manually opened port 9735 or 8333, you'll need to change the IP address that you opened it for.

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