I can't find my node on Bitnodes or similar explorer sites.

If you're not able to find your node on Bitnodes or similar node explorers, you should first ensure that your node is allowing incoming connections. This is done in the "Manage Node" section of the node dashboard's Bitcoin tile.

Next, ensure that the Bitcoin port (8333) is open on your router. For instructions on enabling port forwarding, see the help article here.

If your Bitcoin node is allowing incoming connections and you've verified that port 8333 is open, but your node is still not discoverable, this is likely because the Casa Node automatically limits the number of inbound Bitcoin peers to 6. If you already have 6 inbound peers, Bitnodes won't be able to connect to your node as a peer, and thus believes that it is unreachable. 

However, as long as you see some number of inbound peers on your Bitcoin Manage Node page, you can rest assured that you are connected and properly supporting the network! We'll be increasing the maximum number of inbound Bitcoin peers in an upcoming release, which should make it easier for you to find your node on explorer sites.

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