Recovering Keymaster When Switching From iOS to Android, or Android to iOS

It's not possible to retrieve the same mobile key on a different phone when you're switching from iOS to Android, or from Android to iOS. The mobile key must be restored on the same phone type (iPhone to iPhone, or Android to Android). This is because the mobile key backup is synced to iCloud (if you're using an iPhone), or Google Drive (if you're using an Android phone). 

When you're setting up your Casa Keymaster app on your new phone, you will need to generate a brand new mobile key. This generates a new keyset on your phone.

If you still have your old device, you could use that device to sign the mobile key portion of the transaction you make to your new keyset.

If you do not have your old device, then you will need to initiate a recovery transaction using your hardware device in combination with the Casa recovery key. 

Here's how: 

1.)  Log into your Casa Keymaster account on your new phone.

2.) Mark the mobile key as compromised/lost. 

3.) Generate a new key by clicking "Continue Mobile Key Setup" 

4.) Initiate a recovery transaction to transfer the balance from the old keyset to the new one you've just generated.

Keep in the that for security purposes, the recovery process involves a 7 day waiting period before the recovery transaction is signed by Casa and the funds become available. 

For detailed instructions on how you would restore Keymaster on a new phone with and without a recovery transaction, click here

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