The Casa Recovery Key in Keymaster

The Casa Recovery Key can be used in the event that you lose access to one of your other keys.

If you ever lose your Hardware Key, or lose access to your Mobile Device Key, you won’t lose access to your funds—you can quickly swap it out and perform a recovery transaction using your Mobile Key and the Casa Recovery Key.

Gold members receive unlimited recovery signatures (while our Silver members have to pay each time they use the Casa Recovery key). For an in-depth look at our recovery process and how we've built it without KYC, visit our blog post here:

To initiate a recovery transaction, you would:

- Mark the inaccessible device as "lost" or "compromised" in Keymaster. 

- Re-add your new key to create a new keyset in Keymaster.

- Transfer funds from the old keyset to the new one by tapping the button that says "Transfer required" or "Additional Funds Detected" (depending on if you're using iPhone or Android).

During the transfer process to your new keyset, you will sign the transaction with your remaining key and the Casa Recovery Key. 

When you initiate a recovery transaction, you will be prompted to answer the security questions you configured when you first set up Keymaster. 

Also note that for your security, there is a 7-day delay between when you initiate the recovery transaction and when the recovery transaction is signed by Casa. This gives you plenty of time to cancel a transaction if it was not authorized.

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