What is Sats App?

Sats App is the easiest way to use Bitcoin and the Lightning Network on iOS and Android, with rewards features focused on increasing adoption of Bitcoin, Lightning and cyberspace nodes.

The Sats App lets you connect to your Casa Node wherever you are, whenever you want. 

We’ve worked to make this process as simple as possible by using the Tor Network. With Tor, communication to your node is encrypted by default, and each node has a unique Tor address that doesn’t change. Those are the bones needed to build a secure, easy to use connection feature from the Sats App to your node.

Sats Tag

The SatsTag is a human-readable, pseudonymous username that you can optionally link with your Casa Node address, making it easy to transact with your friends just like you would expect to with other payment apps today.


SatsBack gives people entirely new ways to earn Bitcoin satoshis by taking simple, everyday actions. We’re working to make earning sats as easy as using any of our other products.

Our first SatsBack feature is a 20,000 sats reward for simply connecting your Casa Node to Sats App. To connect your Casa Node, you’ll need to activate Tor and be fully up to sync with the network. 

How Do I Get Sats App? 

To apply for the beta version of Sats App, click here!

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