Linking your Casa Node to the Sats Extension

The Sats browser extension is the easiest, quickest way to access and manage Bitcoin and Lightning on your Casa Node from the browser of your desktop or laptop computer. 

Using the Sats extension, you can view the vital info of your node, make payments, and create invoices.

The Sats Extension is currently available for both Chrome and Firefox. 

A link to download the Sats Extension for Chrome can be found by clicking here. 

A link to download the Sats Extension for Firefox can be found by clicking here

Shown here (in Chrome) is the extension download window:

Click "Add to Chrome" (or "Firefox," if you're using Firefox. 

Once that's been added, you should see the extension as a Casa logo in the upper right-hand side of your browser:

Go ahead and click - it won't bite! Next, click "Connect Your Casa Node," as seen below:

Next, enter in your password, then click "Sign In," as seen below:

You're now connected to your node! Huzzah!

Ready to take it to the next level and use the Sats App to access Bitcoin and Lightning on-the-go? Click here

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