Choosing Your Basic Multisig Setup

When setting up Basic Multisig (2-of-3) with Keymaster, the default key selection is:

  • One Mobile Key (held on your phone)
  • One Hardware Key (provided by Casa in your Gold membership package)
  • One Casa Recovery Key (held by Casa for emergencies in case you lose one of the other keys)

This is the configuration we believe will work best for most people - it’s easy to understand, the Mobile Key is encrypted and backed up for redundancy, and you can distribute the Hardware Key to a different location than your home to add a layer of security.

You also have the ability to switch to a more advanced configuration, which replaces the Mobile Key with a second Hardware Key. This means no private key is held on your phone – instead, you will use two separate hardware wallets. 

If you aren’t sure which setup to use, here are some benefits of each:

If you'd like to purchase an additional hardware device, they can be found in our store

Still have questions? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll help you learn more.

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