Replacing Your Mobile Key With a Second Hardware Key

Keymaster, our basic 2 of 3 multisig key manager, Keymaster, has 3 keys by default:

- Mobile Key (stored on your phone)

- Hardware Device Key (Trezor or Ledger)

- Casa Recovery Key (emergency key held by Casa)

While most Keymaster users have the above key setup, we allow the user the option to replace the Mobile Key with a second Hardware Device Key, so that they 3 keys become:

- Hardware Device Key

- Hardware Device Key

- Casa Recovery Key

The option to replace the mobile key is built into Keymaster. While we recommend using the default setup (with the mobile key), we do like to give the user as much control over their setup as possible. 

Not sure if you want to use two hardware devices in your setup? Check out this article on choosing your basic multisig setup, which walks through the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

If you do want to change your setup from a Mobile Key to a second Hardware Device Key, our instructions are below.

Replacing your Mobile Key

In order to replace your mobile key with a second hardware device, you must first have a second hardware device available and ready to use. We recommend you use your hardware devices exclusively with Keymaster, so you should use a hardware device that's not currently in use with anything else

You can purchase a Ledger or Trezor device from our store

Replacing your existing Mobile Key with a second Hardware Key does involve an on-chain transaction to a new keyset you'll create in Keymaster. 

1. From within Keymaster, tap "Switch Key Setup" from your Basic Multisig screen.

2. Follow the instructions to connect your new hardware key.

3. Transfer your funds from the old keyset to your new keyset (we’ll guide you through it in the app).

You're all set! Don't forget to complete a Health Check for your Hardware Device keys to ensure they are both working properly. 

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