How do I reset my Keymaster username/password?

The password you use to sign into the Keymaster app should be the same username and password you used to sign up for your membership on our website. It's worth double-checking that you're using the correct email address. 

Also, if you happen to use Apple Keychain from within your iPhone, Keychain will save passwords for you to use, but may mix up different passwords associated with Casa (i.e. your node's password vs. the password for your Keymaster App). If you use Keychain, it's also worth checking Keychain to make sure it's supplying the correct password.

If you do need a password reset, it's okay. We've got your back.

To reset your Keymaster password or your Casa store account password, reach out to [email protected] with "Need Password Reset" or something similar in the subject of your email, and a Casa support member will be able to assist you.

Please note that the above solution applies to the Keymaster app only, not the Casa Node.

If you've lost your Casa Node password and need to reset it, note that you'll need to do a full reset and re-sync the node, which will take about a month to complete. See our dedicated help topic on instructions for resetting your Casa Node here. 

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