My BTC is missing.

Below are questions you need to know the answer to before you can troubleshoot further:

Did you send it to your BTC wallet, or is this BTC in lightning channels?

Was the BTC in custom channels or autopilot lightning channels? 

Sometimes autopilot will grab the funds out of your on-chain wallet and start trying to open channels with it. Those channels don't always open immediately though, so it may seem like the funds simply disappeared when they are actually being used by autopilot.

Have you recently closed a channel?

Sometimes it can take quite a while for these funds to settle back into your wallet.

Are you accounting for lightning fees?

Routing fees paid may have lowered your total BTC amount.

Have you waited at least an hour?

It takes time for funds to settle into your wallet. This is usually quick, but we recommend giving the process at least an hour to find your funds' place.

Are you attempting to import a wallet from seed words?

It can take a couple of days for the Raspberry Pi to finish indexing and finding imported funds, even after syncing. We recommend waiting a few days for your imported wallet's BTC to fully index and show up.

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