I forgot my Casa Node password. How can I recover/change it?

The Casa Node is completely under your control. Because of this, Casa does not store your node's password in any way, nor is Casa able to directly assist you with a password reset. 

If you know your Node's current password

You can change the password on your Casa Node only if you know your current password. 

To do this, you would:     

  1. Log into your node as normal, using your current password.

  2. Click "Settings" in the system window of your dashboard.

  3. Click "Change Password."

  4. Enter you old password, the new password, then click "Set New Password."

That's it! Your new password is now set, and can be used to log in. 

If you don't know your Node's current password

If you forget your password, you'll need to wipe and reboot your Casa Node. Note: This will cause you to lose any funds that are in Lightning Channels prior to restart! If you have your seed phrase, you can recover any funds that were in the on-chain BTC key (not funds in Lightning Channels).

To perform a wipe and restart, you'll need a monitor and keyboard to plug directly into the node to access the CLI (Command Line Interface). 

Go ahead and connect your keyboard and monitor to your node. Once you've done that...
      1. log into the node with:

      username: casa
      password: casa

      2. Run the following command exactly as written: 


      3. Once you've done that, wait 30 minutes to give time for your node reset.

After the 30 minutes has elapsed, go through the node setup process again. You can choose to restore your old BTC key using your backup seed phrase, or set it up as a new node, so that you would generate and write down a new seed phrase.

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