Using Your Hardware Device Exclusively With Keymaster

We highly recommend that the hardware device you use to sign and send transactions in Keymaster be used exclusively for Keymaster. The reason is: Multisig with Keymaster is considered "seedless."

By "seedless," we mean that you should not write down or keep a copy of the seed phrase that is generated during the hardware device initialization process. In the unlikely event that your hardware device is lost or damaged, you can still use your mobile key in combination with the Casa recovery key to spend funds.

It is possible to use a hardware device in Keymaster that also has funds on its single key through the Trezor, Ledger, or Cold Card websites. However, if you have funds on the single key, you should have your seed phrase backup written down, because there would be no recovery if the hardware device was lost or damaged. Since we want you to go seedless, your hardware device should be used for Keymaster and nothing else. 

Also, note that if you did have other funds on your hardware device, you would not be able to view or access those funds through Keymaster. Funds will NOT be erased or compromised if you used that device with Keymaster, but they will not be recognized by Keymaster.

If you've already set up your hardware wallet or don't have a fresh hardware device to connect, we recommend moving funds off of the wallet, wiping the device, and connecting the fresh device to Keymaster multisig without writing down the seed phrase.

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