SatsBack Rewards in Sats App

SatsBack rewards are points you can earn while using Sats App. SatsBack rewards are redeemable for bitcoin. Now, you can earn bitcoin while using Bitcoin.

When you take specific actions in Sats App, such as connecting your node or completing at least 5 daily Heartbeat checks in a week, you earn SatsBack!

When your total accumulated SatsBack reaches or exceeds the withdrawal threshold, you can withdrawal your SatsBack as bitcoin. 

In the future, there will be lots of ways to earn SatsBack. For now, you can earn SatsBack by:

- Connecting a Casa Node to Sats App (20,000 SatsBack rewards). Click here for instructions on connecting your Casa Node.

- Sending at least 5 heartbeats in a week (10,000 SatsBack rewards). Click here to learn about Heartbeats. The payout for the node Heartbeat is done each Saturday. 

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