Recovering Single Key Funds Outside of Casa

In the unlikely event that Casa goes offline without warning (we don't ever plan on doing this!), and the Keymaster App is not available for signing transactions, you can still recover your Single Key funds.

We call this "Sovereign Recovery."

We have the ability for you to recover Single Key funds outside of Casa by exporting your Single Key's seed phrase from the app. See our blog post on this here:

Note that the Single Key was previously called the "Mobile Key" or "Standalone Mobile Key" in our documentation.

NOTE: Do not export the Single Key seed phrase unless absolutely necessary! This feature is intended to be used only in the unlikely event that Casa "goes dark."

Essentially, exporting the seed phrase would allow you to create a transaction outside of Casa in an emergency scenario. 

How to Export the Single Key Seed Phrase

PLEASE NOTE: The following instructions are to restore the Single (mobile) Key only. The process to recover the Single Key that is part of your multisig keyset is slightly different!

In the Casa Keymaster app, tap the “Single Key” wallet, then:

- Tap the mobile device

- Tap “View Public Keys”

- Tap “BTC Account”

- Write down the Derivation Path, which should look like: m/49/0/1

- Go back 2 screens to the Single Key view

- Tap “Export Private Key”

- Write down the seed phrase

Using your Seed Phrase to Restore Funds in Electrum

Electrum is one of several apps that you can use to restore your Single Key. The instructions below details how to restore funds in Electrum.

Install the latest version of Electrum: then:

- Run electrum

- Create a new wallet and give it a name

- Choose “standard wallet”

- Click next

- Select “I already have a seed”

- Click next

- Type the seed phrase into the box

- Click “Options”

- Check “BIP39 seed”

- Click “OK”

- Click “Next”

- Select “p2sh-segwit (p2wpkh-p2sh)”

- Type the derivation path you wrote down earlier

- Click “Next”

- On the password screen, leave both fields blank and click “Next”

Electrum will now initialize your wallet and display all of the transactions that have been received and sent by it. If you don’t see your transactions show up after a minute or so, something went wrong during the process and electrum derived the wrong set of addresses.

To send your assets to a new wallet, click on the “send” tab and fill in the “pay to” field with and address owned by your new wallet. Click the “max” button to sweep all of the value out of the wallet, and slide the “fee” bar to an appropriate fee depending upon your urgency.

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