Why does my node have to sync when I first start it up?

The Bitcoin blockchain is a record of all the bitcoin transactions that have ever been made since the very first bitcoin transaction in 2009.

Nodes on the network, like your Casa Node, keep copies of this blockchain record as reference points for both the owner of the node and other nodes on the network. Keeping this record of transactions is how Bitcoin users everywhere can be confident that coins are not duplicated, or "double-spent," on the network. 

That's important information!

Your Casa Node holds all of this blockchain data, which is currently around 250 GB and growing.

If you were to sync your node from the first Bitcoin block, it could take days or even weeks for your node to fully sync with the network.

That's why, for your convenience, we pre-sync the Bitcoin blockchain on your Casa Node before sending it to you. This means that your Casa Node contains all the blockchain data on the Bitcoin network at the time it's shipped to you. 

Once your Casa Node arrives in your hands, the node will only need to sync the blocks that occur between the time your node is shipped and the time you receive it. 

Your Casa Node will also need to sync with the Lightning Network. We can’t preload the Lightning Network data at this time, but keep in mind that Lightning network data is currently a much smaller size than the Bitcoin blockchain.

After first plugging in your Casa Node and setting it up, you can expect that it will take your node just a few short hours to fully sync. We recommend going through initial setup process completely so that everything starts syncing, then leaving it overnight to sync while you have sweet dreams of Lightning fast bitcoin payments.

Need help setting up your node? You can find our tutorial, including a video, by clicking here: Setting Up Your Casa Node

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