Switching Sats App from Casa Node 1 to Casa Node 2

If you've been using Sats App with your Casa Node 1, then you know how easy it is to connect to your node to Sats App to make Lightning payments from your iPhone or Android phone.

Since there can only be a single node connected to Sats App at one time, you'll need to connect your Casa Node 2 in the same way you connected your Casa Node 1. 

First, you will need to log out of Sats App.

Once you're logged out, log back in with your Casa credentials. 

When you log back in, you'll notice that your Casa Node 1 is not connected anymore

From here, you can tap "Lightning" and follow the prompts to connect your node, and make sure to link your SatsTag to your node at the end. For a step-by-step of this process, please see our help article, Linking your Casa Node to Sats App.

You can easily test the connection to your new node by completing a heartbeat

Linking your Casa Node 2 should not affect your SatsTag or your SatsBack rewards.

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