How can I connect to my Casa Node if I'm on an office, school, or non-standard home network?

Getting to the node on enterprise networks is tough and isn't guaranteed to work. Your best bet is to attempt to connect directly to your node using its internal IP address.

You can try looking for your node's IP by following the guide here.

If you can't find it because of too many devices being on the network, try plugging the node directly into an external monitor using an HDMI cable. Enter the following credentials when prompted:

Username: casa

Password: casa

Your IP address can be found in the command line data that shows up. Take the IP you find from either of those methods and type that directly into your browser URL bar.

If that doesn't work, you'll need to work with your network's administrators to determine whether connecting is feasible. They'll likely have to make an exceptions for your connection, such as disabling certain firewalls or opening specific ports. It's best to approach this conversation with as much supporting material as possible. We've linked a couple of articles that may help with this below.

Finding your node's IP address:

Setting up port forwarding:

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