Opening/closing Lightning channels and making your first payment.

For detailed instructions on opening a channel, see our Node Tutorial on Making Your First Lightning Payment. The recommended way to open channels is to turn on autopilot. However, you can also open custom channels with specific nodes by clicking “Manage” in the Custom Channels section of your Lightning node. You may want to open a custom channel with a node you know is well connected (like the Casa Node!), or with someone you pay frequently.

To make a payment, you'll need a payment request code. This is generated by the person/party you're paying. You can then click Send Lightning Payment on the Lightning Transactions page and paste the request code there.

To close a channel, click on the channel you want to close from within the Manage Node section of the Lightning tile. Next, click the Close Channel button. This process is the same for both custom and autopilot channels. The BTC will eventually be returned to your wallet (with the small channel opening fee reduced).

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