Casa Node - An Overview

Casa Node is your personal, powerful gateway to the sovereign networks of the future. Casa Node is a computer that enables full, unrestricted access to the Bitcoin and Lightning networks, and allows you to earn Bitcoin while supporting the network. 

Casa Node is a full Bitcoin node, which keeps a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain that other nodes around the world can reference when receiving and sending payments. By simply running a Casa Node, you play an important role in the globally distributed network of computers that make up Bitcoin.

The Casa Node also connects to the Lightning network - an experimental, second-layer solution that aims to improve and scale the Bitcoin payment experience. Access to the Lightning Network is made easy with Casa Node.

Sats App

Sats App is the easiest way to use Bitcoin and the Lightning Network on iOS and Android.

Sats App allows you send and receive payments via Lightning, that are powered by your Casa Node.

Sats App, paired with the node, is an unstoppable combo. 

Learn more about Sats App and SatsBack.

Setting up Casa Node

Just got your node? Nice! Watch our Casa Node 1 setup tutorial.

Don't have one yet? You can buy one at our store

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