Ethereum support coming in early 2023

Casa was created to make it simpler and safer to use private keys - with the belief that one day private keys will secure everything important to us. In November 2022, we announced a major step toward that vision of the future: the opportunity for members to secure ethereum alongside bitcoin within Casa.

In January 2023, we will debut a refreshed app, with an enhanced look and feel that will improve members’ experience. We will inform current members of the app release date prior to the launch and will prompt them to download the new app to ensure seamless and uninterrupted service. 

Later in the quarter, we will give current Casa members the ability to add ETH storage to their existing accounts. We will also introduce new membership plans for new Casa customers, creating simplified pathways for new members to engage, ranging from a standard entry level tier to a customized, private client experience. Initially we will offer storage for ether (ETH), with plans for supporting additional ethereum-based assets in the future.

The ability to manage BTC and ETH with one elegant app is a feature our members have consistently requested for years. In addition, ETH investors have long sought a way to store their ETH without fear of loss or theft, and too many hacks have taken place across the broader web3/crypto space due to poor private key management. 

Casa’s commitment to bitcoin is deep and unwavering, as is our mission to further its mass adoption. We continue to believe that bitcoin represents the best form of global, neutral, inclusive money in the world today. We also value the clear message from our customers and the market as a whole - and both have spoken overwhelmingly that ethereum is an important asset, and they want to secure it with the same peace of mind that Casa gives them when securing bitcoin. By supporting both BTC and ETH, we will help more people take control of their digital wealth in one simple, highly secure platform. 

The Casa team is excited to take this next step on our journey toward a world where people can take back control of their money and savings. We thank all of our members, teammates, and supporters who continue to make our work possible. To learn more about Casa’s introduction of ETH support, read CEO Nick Neuman’s blog post here.

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