How to participate in the Yuga Labs TwelveFold auction

You can participate in the Yuga Labs TwelveFold auction using Casa. We recommend reading the Auction FAQ as well as the Casa guide below.

The instructions from Yuga recommend using separate wallets for making your bid and receiving your inscription (if you win). Luckily, you can manage both of these from one place with Casa!

To get started, sign up for a Casa Gold account by clicking "Become a Member." You’ll need a hardware wallet, such as a Ledger or Trezor, to use with Casa.

Next, follow a few simple steps to prepare:

  • Follow this guide to set up your Casa vault to receive inscriptions.
  • Deposit bitcoin into your Casa Pay wallet, which will be used to make your bid. You should decide how much you’re willing to bid ahead of time and ensure you have that amount in your wallet (plus any additional bitcoin to cover transaction fees, which may be high during the auction)

When it comes time to participate in the auction, you can send your bid from your Pay wallet - this will only require your phone to send. For the inscription receiving address, which you’ll need to input on the Twelvefold website as part of submitting your bid, grab a receive address from your 3-key vault, in the subaccount you’ve set up specifically for ordinals and inscriptions.

You can update your bid while the auction is active by sending more bitcoin and entering the same receive address that you initially used in your first bid. If you didn’t save that receive address, you can retrieve it by going back into the subaccount and tapping “Deposit Funds” to get the receive address. As long as you haven’t received any funds to the empty subaccount you’re using to receive the inscription, the address will be the same.

While you are awaiting the results of the TwelveFold auction, make sure you do not receive any funds to the address you provided in your bid. The Yuga Labs instructions indicate that it might take as long  as a week for winners to receive their inscriptions, so do not receive any other ordinals, inscriptions, or bitcoin into the address during that time. Once you receive your TwelveFold inscription, you will be able to safely receive transactions to new addresses in that account; Casa will give you another receive address for a subsequent transaction, allowing you to maintain a 1 in, 1 out rule for UTXOs containing inscriptions.

Advanced topic - Placing multiple bids

Placing multiple bids requires entering a separate receive address with each bid. To do this safely with Casa, you must use a different subaccount for each bid. 

  • Gold members have access to two total subaccounts in the 3-key vault: the “Primary Account” and one additional subaccount that you name.
  • Platinum and Diamond members have access to up to 5 subaccounts in their 5-key vault: the “Primary Account” and 4 additional named subaccounts. You can also access two additional subaccounts by activating your 3-key vault and using the Primary Account and additional subaccount associated with that vault.

We strongly recommend only making bids from empty subaccounts, to avoid future accidental mixture of your inscription with a traditional bitcoin transaction.

Note: The TwelveFold auction instructions recommend Taproot addresses, but we have confirmed that Casa’s P2SH-based addresses are also supported. Both Taproot addresses and P2SH addresses are used in self-custodial multisig wallets.

Ready to get started with Casa and ordinals? Become a Casa member to get peace of mind for your digital wealth today.

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