Casa membership levels - an overview

Casa offers a wide range of membership options for every level, from guppy to whale.

We've thought of just about everything when it comes to the best way to secure your bitcoin. The layers of security we've developed have brought peace of mind to bitcoin hodlers everywhere, with a unique, resilient setup that lets you sleep soundly knowing your bitcoin are secure. 

Included in every membership level is a world-class support team that's dedicated to you.

Casa App is resilient security for your bitcoin.

Casa Silver 

Casa Silver is our free, entry-level membership, and a great way to get started securing small amounts of bitcoin. 

Silver members get access to a simple, lightweight bitcoin wallet that's seamlessly backed up to their phone's cloud storage provider.

Lose your phone? Don't fret! Your bitcoin isn't lost. You can simply sign into Casa App on a new device and the app will pull the encrypted backup key from the cloud. 

Casa Gold

Casa Gold is an affordable membership option that offers the same great bitcoin wallet included in Casa Silver, plus an advanced bitcoin wallet that is secured through multisig (short for multisignature) technology.

This multisig wallet is a "2-of-3" setup, which means that there are 3 total keys for your bitcoin wallet, and at least two of the keys must sign for any transaction to be sent from your wallet. This improves your storage security exponentially by allowing you to keep the keys needed to send your bitcoin geographically separated. 

While there is no upper limit to the amount of funds that can be stored in your 2-of-3 multisig wallet, Gold membership is recommended for individuals storing up to $75,000 worth of bitcoin. 


Platinum membership offers all the benefits of Gold and Silver, plus a top-level 3-of-5 multisig wallet, which offers significant resilience and geographical distribution options over the 2-of-3 setup.

Membership at the Platinum level also includes phone support, a dedicated Client Advisor, and free hardware wallet device replacements. 

Platinum is built for individuals or families holding over $75,000 worth of bitcoin.


Diamond membership offers all the benefits of Silver, Gold, and Platinum, plus personal assistance with setting up inheritance, and other exclusive perks.

Membership at the Diamond level is intended for high-net-worth individuals, families, and corporate teams storing over $500,000 worth of bitcoin who want a catered experience building resilient storage for the generations to come. 

Diamond members get exclusive access to:

  • A custom, personalized security system, tailored for your specific needs and preferred level of privacy. This is especially important for public figures who wish to remain private with their bitcoin investment.
  • Access to trusted partners for liquidity and bitcoin purchases. Since 2018, we’ve quietly vetted and partnered with the premiere OTC desks in bitcoin in order to provide you excellent pricing for your investment and immediately secure your funds in your Casa account.
  • Inheritance and estate planning, ensuring an orderly transition of your hard-earned bitcoin to the people you love.
  • Personal onboarding, customized hardware recommendations, privacy reviews, regular security check-ins, duress and contingency planning, and more, for you, your team, and your family.


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