General Security Considerations

Casa's mission is to protect our customers from any and all risk to their bitcoin, starting with good security hygiene and practices.

The following security practices are recommend for any Casa customer who is concerned about their security and privacy.

Use a password manager
Casa recommends either 1Password's or LastPass. Make sure you set it up on both mobile and desktop!

Consider a VPN
We like Nord and PIA, but there are a number of good options available.

Enable 2FA everywhere you can

We are big fans of Yubikey, but Google authenticator is a good option as well. Do NOT use your phone number, this leaves you vulnerable to SIM swap attacks.

Prevent SIM-swap attacks
Contact your wireless carrier and ask them to secure your account with a separate PIN or passphrase.

Keep your operating systems up to date
All the major operating system developers dedicate tremendous resources to finding and fixing vulnerabilities. Make sure you have updates automated for your Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and/or Android devices.

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