Transitioning to a new Android phone

The Casa app is designed to make it easy to transition your vault setup to a new mobile phone.

If possible, retain your old phone while you set up your Casa app on your new phone.

Prior to following any of the steps here, perform a health check on your Casa app's mobile key on the old phone to ensure that the key is properly backed up and ready to be restored on your new phone.

For an alternative way to restore funds on a new phone, see QR code backups for mobile key and Pay key.

How do I restore my Casa vault on my new Android phone?

If you had your mobile key backed up on an Android phone previously, then your new phone needs to be an Android phone. (If you are switching to Android from an iPhone, please see Switching between iPhone and Android for instructions.)

  • Log into your Google account in the system settings of your new Android phone
  • Download and log into the Casa app on your new Android phone

When you log into the app, you'll notice that all of your hardware device keys and the Casa Recovery Key show the same configuration as they did on your old phone. That's because these keys are unaffected by the transition to your new phone. 

If you are missing your mobile key, go to the mobile key screen and select "Perform Health Check."

The Casa app will then pull the encrypted backup from Google's servers and restore the key in the app for you.

What if I didn't have a backup of the mobile key?

If you didn't have a backup of the mobile key but you still have access to your old phone, you can log into your Casa app on that old phone and create a backup.

If you didn't have a backup of the mobile key and you don't have access to your old phone, don't fret! You can still make a recovery transaction to a new keyset using your remaining keys. 

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