Sovereign Recovery (sending funds outside of Casa)

All Casa balances can be recovered and accessed using widely available, open-source software.

In the event that Casa disappears, or the Casa app should unexpectedly become unresponsive, you can still recover your funds without the need to rely on the Casa app.

We call this "Sovereign Recovery."

The instructions for how to perform Sovereign Recovery are sent to each customer when they set up a vault. You can request this information again, any time, by navigating to the "Account" page in your Casa app, and selecting "Send Sovereign Recovery Info."


The information emailed to you which explains how to perfor, Sovereign Recovery should be kept safe and secret, but contains no private keys, and therefore cannot by itself be used to send your funds.

By having the ability to recover funds outside the of the Casa ecosystem, members are kept fully in control of their own funds, and are never dependent on Casa or Casa tools to access their assets.

Understanding Sovereign Recovery and planning for the unlikely and unexpected is a vital aspect of your digital asset security.

For bitcoin vaults, see: Sovereign Recovery for bitcoin vaults

For BTC Pay, see: Sovereign Recovery for BTC Pay

For ethereum vaults, see:Sovereign Recovery for ethereum vaults

For ETH Pay, see: Sovereign Recovery for ETH Pay

Casa makes using multisig easy, but it is important that ease-of-use never comes at the cost of full control or independence. Sovereign Recovery offers comprehensive security resilience.

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