Receiving and sending bitcoin on Casa Node 1

Receiving and sending bitcoin (BTC) on your Casa Node is easy!

Prior to opening a Lightning channel, you'll first need to deposit funds to your node. To receive a deposit, click the "Transactions" button in the bitcoin section of your Node's dashboard. 


The, click the "Deposit" button to reveal your bitcoin receiving address, as well as a QR code you can scan from a wallet you're sending from. 


You should only deposit bitcoin (BTC) to your node! If you deposit "Bitcoin Cash" (BCH) or other altcoins, that deposit will not show up on your Node's dashboard. 

To withdraw your funds and send them to an external bitcoin address, click "Withdraw" from the Transactions section of your bitcoin dashboard:


Here, you can choose the address you want to send to, the amount you want to send, and the fee you want to pay. A higher fee will generally mean a faster network confirmation time.


Make sure to confirm your withdrawal in the next window.


Note that when you open a channel on the Lightning network, funds are sent from your node's bitcoin key to open the channel. When a channel is closed, the funds are sent back to your Node's bitcoin key and made available to withdraw.

Also note that if you ever need to restore your node using the seed phrase backup, it will only restore funds that are on the Node's bitcoin key. It will not restore funds that are in Lightning channels.

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