Casa Node bandwidth and data usage

The Casa Node is designed to be continuously connected to the internet to send and receive data from the bitcoin and Lightning networks. As such, the Node does require a small amount of bandwidth and does use data. 

In normal use, you should expect to download around 15 GB of data and upload about 15 GB of data on your node monthly. The actual amount of data your Node will use may vary!

We sync the node to the current block height right before we ship, but it does need additional syncing to make up for the time it was idle during shipment, so keep in mind that when you first activate your Node, you may initially require more bandwidth as the Node catches up with the network. 

Should you choose to resync the blockchain from peers or Casa servers, you will be downloading the entire blockchain, which is currently around 270 GB of data.

Limiting data usage on your Node

While there is no way to reduce or limit inbound connections on the node, we do have the option to toggle inbound connections on off by clicking "Manage" in the bitcoin window of your node's dashboard. 


Keep in mind that toggling inbound connections "Off" will limit your Node from contributing to the bitcoin network as a whole. For this reason, we recommend keeping inbound connections turned on if possible.

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