Sats App is no longer available for download, but will still run if you already have the app installed on your phone. 

Sending a Heartbeat in SatsApp is a way to check that your Casa Node is working properly from anywhere in the world, privately, quickly, and securely. 


When you send a Heartbeat to your node from within Sats App, you're making a real-time connection to your Casa Node. This connection is a check to ensure that your node is online and ready to send and receive payments using the Lightning network. 

To send a Heartbeat, simply tap the Heartbeat bar in Sats App. It takes just a moment for the Heartbeat check to complete. 


Since sending a Heartbeat only takes a few seconds, we recommend doing it at least once a day. 

Keep in mind that since this connection to your node is make possible by Tor, you must make sure that you have Tor connections enabled for both bitcoin and Lightning on your Casa Node prior to sending a Heartbeat.

By keeping your Casa Node online, you are actively supporting the bitcoin and Lightning networks. With each healthy node, the entire network gets stronger!

Does your heart beat true for the red, pink, and blue?

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