Node privacy

At Casa, we believe that the privacy of our Casa Node users is of paramount importance. 

Your node is hosted by you, on your own network. It's a way to take back the sovereignty and control of your data.

By design, Casa does not have the ability to monitor specific activity on your Casa Node beyond the information that is publicly available on bitcoin and Lightning explorers.

Do note that bitcoin transactions themselves, including the transactions that are made to open and close Lightning channels, are not anonymous information. While activity on the bitcoin blockchain is not necessarily tied to an individual, anyone in the world can look up the transaction history of the blockchain.

For troubleshooting purposes, we may ask for the log files of your Casa Node. The log files do contain all of the activity that's taken place on your Casa Node in the previous 7 day period from when the logs are downloaded. This provides us with vital information that helps us solve any issues you may be having on your node. 

You're not required to give us the log files from your Casa Node, and there is no way that we can "pull" them from your node without your authorization.

Should you choose to send your log files to us for troubleshooting, the node log files are downloaded in an encrypted format, and you send them to us in an encrypted format. Once in our possession, the logs are decrypted on our end using a limited access GPG key, so no one else will be able to read your logs.

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