Gold membership with 3-key vault

Gold is the easiest way to get started with multisig security.

"Multisig," short for "multisignature," is a form of digital key management that uses multiple keys to sign for the same transaction, with a minimum required portion of the keys required for sending. 

Casa's 3-key vault setup offered with the Gold membership and above is a "2-of-3" multisig wallet. With the 3-key vault, you have three total keys and must sign with any two of those keys to send funds.

What features does the Gold membership offer?

A Gold membership features:

  • Up to two 3-key vaults (one main account and one subaccount)
  • Pay, a single-signature wallet
  • World-class email support with response times under 24 hours
  • Unlimited signing with the Casa Recovery Key

How much is Gold designed to secure? 

There is no minimum or maximum amount that customers can store on any of our plan levels.

That being said, we recommend Gold for those holding up to $75,000 USD. 

For storing amounts over $75,000 USD, we recommend that you consider upgrading your membership to either the Platinum or Diamond plan.




How much does Gold cost? 

A Gold membership is $120 per year, paid annually. 

How do I get started with Gold? 

We offer a 30-day free trial where you can try Gold for free. You can sign up and start your free trial here:


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