Silver - A Single-Signature Wallet

Casa Silver (or "Casa Wallet") is a fast, safe, simple Bitcoin wallet for beginners or small holdings.

Silver members get access to the Single Key Wallet, which is secured by your mobile phone and backed up in your phone's integrated cloud service. 

See Casa Single Key Wallet for more information about how the Single Key wallet works.

In the Single Key setup, there is only one key needed to sign and send transactions. This is great for storing and using small amounts of bitcoin in a lightweight wallet that you want to use "on the go."

This is not a multisig setup, and the Single Key should not be considered to be as secure as multisig.

What features does the Silver membership offer?

A Casa Silver Membership features:

How much Bitcoin is Silver designed to secure? 

There is no minimum or maximum amount of BTC that customers can store on any of our plan levels. That being said, we recommend Silver for those holding less than $1,000 USD worth of BTC.

For storing amounts over $1,000 USD, we recommend that you consider upgrading your membership to either the Gold, Platinum, or Diamond plan.

How much does Silver Cost? 

Silver is completely free for anyone to use!

How do I get started with Silver? 

Simply download the app to sign up with Silver and get started. 

Casa App for iPhone

Casa App for Android

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