Overview of the Casa app

The Casa app is an advanced personal digital vault.

This vault was built and maintained by Casa and uses multiple keys to secure funds. It adds layers of security and peace of mind to your holdings. With Casa, you can sleep soundly knowing your funds are secure. 


The Casa app supports multiple membership levels with different configurations:

Silver - Pay, a single-key wallet

Gold - Pay, plus a 3-key vault with mobile key, hardware key, and the Casa Recovery Key

Platinum and Diamond - Pay, optional 3-key vault, plus a 5-key vault with mobile key, three hardware keys, and the Casa Recovery Key


With Silver's Pay wallet, you have a single key (not multisig) that is stored on your mobile device and encrypted and backed up to your device's cloud service. It can be used for receiving, storing, and sending small amounts for everyday use.

Only this single Pay key is needed to send funds from the app.

The Pay key is encrypted and backed up seamlessly to iCloud for iPhone users or Google Drive for Android users.

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With Gold's 3-key vault, you have, in addition to the Pay key, a multisig keyset with three keys. These keys, by default, are a mobile key (stored on your phone), a hardware key (like a Trezor or Ledger), and the Casa Recovery Key. You can optionally replace the mobile key with a second hardware key.

Two of these three keys are needed to send funds.

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With Platinum and Diamond's 5-key vault you have, in addition to the Pay key and 3-key vault, a multisig keyset with five total keys. These keys are the mobile key, three hardware keys (usually two Trezors and a Ledger), and the Casa Recovery Key. You can optionally add a fourth hardware key at the Diamond membership level.

Three of these five (or 6) keys are needed to send funds.

Since you need multiple keys to send funds from your Casa vault, the key that Casa holds for emergency recovery cannot be used to send funds by itself. This way, you don't need to trust Casa, but can still use Casa to help you send funds in the unlikely event that you lose access to your own key(s). 

At the Diamond level, there are even more features like team signing and integrated inheritance planning through our Diamond inheritance program

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