Health checks in the Casa app

Health checks in the Casa app are an easy way to verify that your keys are available for signing transactions. It's a way to test the integrity of your setup without needing to send a transaction. You can check the health of all the elements of your keys that you control.

We recommend doing health checks on your setup at least two times per year (about once every six months). Your app will let you know when it's time for a health check.


Mobile key and Pay key health check

Your mobile key (part of both the standard 3-key and 5-key vaults) and Pay key (single-signature wallet) are both stored and backed up in a similar way. The keys are generated and stored on your mobile device, and they are backed up to your phone's integrated cloud storage. 

A health check for the mobile key or Pay key does two things: 

  • Checks to ensure the mobile/Pay key is on your phone
  • Checks to ensure the mobile/Pay key is properly backed up to your phone's integrated cloud storage service.

To perform a health check for your mobile key, for example simply tap the key icon, select your mobile key, then tap "Perform Heath Check."

Hardware key health check

Performing a health check for your hardware key prompts you to apply a signature with your hardware device, so you will need access to your hardware device to complete the health check. 

How to perform a health check will depend on the specific device you're using. See out our section on health checks for device-specific information.

Casa Recovery Key verification of recovery questions

The Casa Recovery Key is the only key in your setup that Casa controls. We strictly limit access to this key internally, store the key offline, and have other security precautions in place to secure this key on your behalf. 

Standard and Standard Plus Memberships

If you ever needed to use the Casa Recovery Key for your 3-key vault or 5-key vault, you would answer the security questions you configured when you first set up the vault.

Premium and Private Client Memberships

Premium or Private Client members with 5-key or 6-key vaults clients can request a recovery signature via video verification with our Client Services team. If you have a 3-key vault you would still need to answer the 3 security questions you configured when you first setup the vault.

Instead of doing a "health check" for the Casa Recovery Key, you are not verifying the integrity of the key itself (since you don't have access to it). Rather you are verifying that your security questions are correct and recognized by Casa, and that you can answer them if you ever need to. 

To make sure you are ready to use this key if needed, simply tap the key icon from the home screen of your app, tap "Recovery Key," then tap "Verify Recovery Questions." Enter the answers to your questions and verify that they are correct!

That's it! Health checks verify that when you need to send funds from Casa, your keys are ready. Don't forget to verify the answers to your recovery questions and health check your keys every 6 months.

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