Running multiple nodes on the same network

It is definitely possible run two Casa Nodes on the same network, but you may need to use different methods to connect to each node.

For best results, we recommend enabling Tor for both nodes. Tor will allow you to connect to each node separately while you are away from your home network. You'll still be able to connect locally without using a Tor browser to connect.

Once Tor is enabled, you can easily use your "Sats App and Dashboard Tor Address," found in your settings, to connect to your node via the Tor network.

To connect to your Casa nodes when you are on the same network as your nodes, it's best to use each node's local IP address to connect, by entering the IP address into the search bar of your browser from your desktop or laptop computer.

Note that you cannot be logged into both nodes simultaneously, unless you're using different browsers to connect to each of your nodes.

You may find that you can use http://casa-node.local to connect to one of your nodes, but not the other. This is due to the way that the node connects and becomes visible on your network.

If you do not want to turn on Tor for your node, you may need to update your network port settings.

You must open a different port for Lightning and set up port forwarding using our guide (UPnP and port forwarding). If you already have one Lightning node using port 9735, you can set up the new one with port 9734.

The bitcoin node in your Casa Node is currently only compatible with port 8333, so we recommend changing the port that your other bitcoin node is using to make room for this. In the future we'll allow other ports besides 8333 for bitcoin.

By the way, color us impressed that you're running two nodes!

You're the hero we need.

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