SatsTag in Sats App

Sats App is no longer available for download, but will still run if you already have the app installed on your phone.

The SatsTag in Sats App makes it easy to make or receive payments in Sats App.

The SatsTag is a human-readable, pseudonymous username that you can optionally link with your Casa Node address, making it easy to transact with your friends just like you would expect to with other payment apps today.

When Lightning payments are made, an invoice must first be generated. That invoice is a long string of alphanumeric characters, which is normally cumbersome to use. The SatTags eliminates the need to have any of that information visible to the user, making the sending experience as easy and seamless as possible. 

When you pick your SatsTag, make it something unique, but easy to remember. Choose wisely - the SatsTag you associate with your account cannot be changed!

Making a payment to a SatsTag

To make a payment to another person using their SatsTag, first tap "Send" from within Sats App.


Next, enter in the amount you want to pay to the SatsTag. Because of the way Lightning payments work, you must first enter in the amount you are going to pay before tapping "Choose Recipient."


Choose the SatsTag you want to pay to, then tap tap "Send."


After tapping "Send," some magic happens in the background... 


Nice...sending to a SatsTag is as easy as that!

Receiving a payment with a SatsTag

If you want someone else to make a payment to you, you would just need to provide them with your SatsTag. That's all the information they need to send you sats from their own Sats App. 

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