Replacing a Key using the "Replace Key" Feature (Key Rotation)

Casa App allows you to easily replace a key in your keyset with another one.  

You may replace a key for several reasons: 

  • Your key was lost
  • You believe the key or the backup seed phrase may have been stolen (compromised)
  • You wish to replace the key with a different one

This is also known as "Rotating a Key," or "Key Rotation."

Casa App allows both the Mobile Key as well as any Hardware Wallet Device Key to be replaced. 

"How do I replace my key?"

To begin replacing a key, tap the device icon, then tap "Replace Key." 




You'll be asked to confirm the action in the next window:




When your device is marked for replacement, Casa App will assume that your entire keyset is compromised, and you'll be guided through the steps of replacing that key as part of the process to migrate to a new keyset. 

"Why can I still use my key marked for replacement to transfer to my new keyset?"

A key that's been marked for replacement can still be used to transfer to the new keyset. The reason for this is you can't ever disassociate a key from a multisig keyset once that keyset has been created.

Because keys can't ever be disassociated from a keyset, Casa App creates an entirely new keyset for you when you've lost a device, or simply wish to swap your device for a different one.

Any of the 3 keys in the old keyset can be used to make the transfer to that new keyset. However, once funds are in the new keyset, the key that's been marked compromised will no longer work. 

This means that if you still have the key in your possession, and mark it for replacement, you should not alter, reset, or make any changes to the key until you have transferred funds to the new keyset. Only when funds are on the new keyset will that key no longer work with your multisig setup in Casa App. 

In addition, you should only ever mark one of your keys for replacement at a time.

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