Membership Cancellation or Payment Lapse

If you'd ever like to cancel your Casa membership, or downgrade your membership to a different tier, access to your funds will NOT be frozen or restricted.

We will never stand between you and your bitcoin. 

"What happens to my funds if my membership lapses?"

By design, we don't restrict access to your funds. 

If there is a lapse in your membership for any reason, there is a 30-day "grace period" in which no changes at all will be made to the app.

Once the 30 days elapses without payment, you'll be restricted in the app to "Withdrawal only" mode. You won't be able to generate a new bitcoin address for additional deposits, make changes to your keyset, or use the Casa recovery key, but you will be able to select your full balance and transfer your funds to an external bitcoin address at any time using the two keys that you control.

With Casa's "Sovereign Recovery" feature, you can even use your keys to recover funds outside of your Casa App. 

"How do I cancel?" 

All Casa members are able to cancel their membership as a self-service option available to you by logging in to your Casa account here:

From that web portal, click or tap "Settings."




In your settings, you'll see a "Cancel membership" button in the upper-right corner.




If you've already been charged, and would like a refund, you can request one within 15 days of being charged by submitting a support request

If you are currently a paying member, and would like to cancel future subscription payments, please submit a support request

We're sorry to see you go! If you have any feedback for us, or have questions before you cancel, just let us know. 

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