Buying bitcoin - troubleshooting guide

Most of the time, your Apple Pay orders should process successfully, and your new coins will land in your Casa App in a few moments.

In the event that doesn't happen, here is a list of helpful troubleshooting tips. 

How can I check the status of my order?

After you've successfully placed an order (and see the "🥞 Your bitcoin order was placed" success page), tap the "🕗 Bitcoin Purchases" icon just above your chart for real-time updates:

  • Bought bitcoin - Your order is complete!
  • Purchase pending - Means your order is still being processed.
  • Purchase failed - There was an error processing your order.

Important: In rare cases, it's possible that an order will be rejected even after it's placed (even if you see the success screen), so always be sure to check your purchase history.

My orders are failing, and I'm not sure why.

Here are the most common reasons your order might not be going through:

Unsupported region: If you're based in an unsupported country or U.S. state, we won't be able to process your orders. Be sure to check our full list of supported regions. Note that if you or your card provider info are based in a restricted areas, your orders will fail even if you're using a VPN, or are attempting the purchase from an IP address in a supported location.

Not using a debit card: Right now, all Apple Pay orders must be made with a Visa or Mastercard-issued debit card. At this time we do not support credit cards or virtual cards. 

We do not yet support Maestro. While Maestro is owned by Mastercard and operated in some European jurisdictions, we have yet to enable Maestro cards. 

Apple Pay info is incorrect: For orders to be processed correctly, you'll need to have some basic information included in your Apple Pay account, including:

  • Address - Be sure the address matches the address for your card
  • Phone number - Be sure to use a mobile phone number. Virtual numbers (e.g. Google Voice) and land lines will be rejected. If you are based outside the U.S., be sure to include your country code as part of your phone number.

To edit this info, just restart your payment. After tapping the Apple Pay button, your confirmation tray will appear. Before confirming the transaction, you can add or edit an address or phone by tapping them.

Note: Your information may be processed by Wyre, our purchase partner, for compliance and fraud protection. For more on how your information is secured, see: Buying bitcoin with Casa

My order was successful, but I don't see it in my wallet.

It will take a few moments for the BTC you purchased to show up in your in your Casa Wallet or multisig account. Why? Because purchase orders are sent as replace-by-fee transactions. You'll see the total balance for your wallet increase (and a "*" will be added next to it). Once the transaction has been confirmed, it will show up in your wallet transaction history.

For linked bank accounts:

Your personal info must match your phone number.

For ID uploads: The ID must not expired, cannot be blurry, and must show all 4 corners. Please ensure the ID takes up most of the photo frame.

Something else went wrong?

None of the info above help? Sorry for that! Please submit a support request and our team will be back in touch ASAP to get your issue resolved.

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