Inheritance Planning for Gold Members

At the Diamond membership level, we offer a thorough, guided inheritance process to ensure that your loved ones are able to access your bitcoin if you're unable to

Casa Covenant, available exclusively to Diamond members, is designed to ensure that no compromises to your existing security are made.

See our overview on inheritance through Casa Covenant.

"What about Gold members?"

It's important to us that all of our members are aware of the requirements for key recovery in the event of their death, and the tools available to them to ensure that their bitcoin are not lost forever. 

By design, Casa can never spend funds from your keyset. This means that Casa cannot voluntarily spend your bitcoin, nor can we spend your bitcoin if compelled to do so. For this reason, it is very important that you let your potential beneficiaries know how to access your bitcoin should something catastrophic happen to you. 

The following are some guidelines on what Casa Gold members can do to prepare for such a scenario, while making minimal compromises to their security.

Gold members have two main options when it comes to planning their inheritance structure: 

  1. Share the information necessary to spend funds from within Casa App (less secure)
  2. Share instructions for Sovereign Recovery (more secure)

What's normally needed to spend funds from a standard 2 of 3 multisig keyset in Casa App with the mobile key as one of the keys:

  • Login access to your phone's cloud service for access to the mobile key. This means access to your Apple account if you're an iPhone user, or access to your Google account if you're an Android user.
  • Login access to your Casa account (username/password)
  • Login access to the email address associated with your Casa account
  • Physical access to your hardware wallet device
  • The PIN code to your hardware wallet device

With the above setup, there's quite of bit of separate authentications needed in order to access funds in your multisig keyset. This is by design, and greatly mitigates the risk of theft, but does present several barriers for a beneficiary to recover funds.

You can share this information with someone you trust. How much of the above information you share with another person (i.e. a spouse, estate attorney, etc.) is up to you, but keep in mind that any information you supply to any 3rd party presents additional risk of compromise, even if the person is trusted by you!

Keep in mind that if access to the Apple or Google account is not possible to retrieve the mobile key, funds can alternatively be spent using the hardware wallet device in combination with the Casa Recovery Key. However: in order to use the Casa Recovery Key, your beneficiary must be able to both authenticate into Casa App and know the answers to your security questions. 

Sovereign Recovery and Gold Inheritance

"Sovereign Recovery" is what we call the ability to create a transaction outside of the Casa App using open-source, third-party tools.

Sovereign Recovery was designed as a way to ensure that, in the unlikely event that Casa disappears without warning, you, the Casa customer, would still be able to access your funds. 

Sovereign Recovery can also be used to ensure that your bitcoin can be moved in the event of your death with less necessary authentication than in "normal" operation.

The ability to use Sovereign Recovery is ensured only if you have set up your keyset using two hardware wallets devices, or have at some point replaced your mobile key with a second hardware device key.

While it's possible to carry out Sovereign Recovery if one of your keys is the mobile key, the person carrying it out would need to be able to:

  • Authenticate into your phone
  • Authenticate in to the Casa App if logged out

Once in Casa App, one can export the mobile key's seed phrase, which can be used in combination with the hardware device key to send funds after following the Sovereign Recovery instructions.

You must be logged into app to export the seed phrase for the Mobile Key.

Casa App does have the ability for you to log into it locally while the Casa servers are unresponsive (or your phone is totally offline). However, this requires that you have previously logged into the given Casa account on that same phone, and that you do not have the "clear cache on logout" setting enabled. 

If your setup includes two hardware devices, those two hardware devices can be used to send funds after following the Sovereign Recovery instructions without the need to log into the app.

Note: If your hardware device is PIN protected, your beneficiary must know your PIN! This is important, because hardware devices can lock a user out if the PIN is entered incorrectly too many times.

Also, your beneficiary must know where to locate your phone and your hardware wallet device(s)!

To view the information and instructions you need to carry out Sovereign Recovery, navigate to your settings in the Casa App, and tap "Send Sovereign Recovery info."

Print out the Sovereign Recovery instructions, keep them somewhere safe and secret, and make sure that your beneficiary knows where to find it, as well as where to find your keys. These instructions should be sealed in a tamper-evident packaging and should be stored somewhere safe. The "where" is up to you, but some suggestions on where to store this info are:

  • In a safe deposit box
  • With an estate lawyer
  • In an office safe

Note: We recommend keeping your custom recovery instructions geographically separate from your keys!





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