Testnet Bitcoin (TBTC)

In your Casa App, you'll notice that you have the option to use a TBTC (Testnet Bitcoin) wallet.

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TBTC refers to the coins that are sent on Bitcoin's testnet. The testnet is an alternative Bitcoin blockchain, which is used for testing.

Testnet coins (TBTC) are separate and distinct from actual bitcoins (BTC), and do not have real value as an asset.

"Why use TBTC?"

Having the option to enable and use a TBTC wallet in your Casa App enables you to test your Casa key setup without having to use real bitcoins.

"Do I need to use TBTC?"

While it's not necessary to test your setup with TBTC, we want you be be as comfortable as possible with your key management before funding your Casa App, so the option is there to test things like Health Checks and Key Rotation

"How do I get TBTC?"

You can obtain TBTC by going to any numbers of TBTC faucets available online. Some examples of currently active TBTC faucets are: 





If none of the faucets are working, feel free to open a support ticket with your testnet deposit address and we'll send you some!

 "How do I remove the TBTC wallet?"

The TBTC wallet is enabled by default in your Casa App, but you can turn it off from your App's settings here, which will hide the TBTC wallet:




Special Note for users of Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X:

If you're using Testnet on a Ledger device, you need to make sure you have the Testnet Bitcoin app installed on your Ledger and are using that instead of the normal Bitcoin app. To install this from Ledger Live, you need to toggle on Developer Mode from Manager -> Settings -> Experimental Features -> Developer Mode.

Without the Testnet Bitcoin app n the Ledger, you're able to sign Testnet transactions, but the addresses won't match.

Special Note for Coldcard users:

If you're using Testnet on a Coldcard device, you need to switch the device into Testnet mode at Settings -> Blockchain -> Testnet: BTC.

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