Purchasing Bitcoin Via a Debit Card

In supported US states, and many countries around the world, Casa customers can purchase Bitcoin (BTC) using a debit card via Apple Pay.

Purchasing BTC using a debit card is available for iPhone users only, in select US states, and internationally. To see a list of supported jurisdictions, please see Supported Regions for Buying Bitcoin.


If you are in the United States, and are in a supported state, you can purchase up to:

  • $500 worth of BTC per week
  • $5,000 per year.

There is a $20 minimum order size.

If you are in a supported country outside the United States, you can purchase up to:

  • $1000 worth of BTC per week
  • $7500 worth of BTC per year.

We plan to increase these limits over time.


There are two types of fees associated with every purchase: 

  1. Processing fee - There's a flat processing fee of $0.30 per transaction, plus 2.9% of the total amount purchased for US orders. Outside the US, there is the flat fee of $0.30, plus 3.9% of the total.
  2. Mining fee - And because the bitcoin you purchase is sent straight to your Casa wallet, there's also a mining fee. Bitcoin mining fee goes directly to individuals and organizations securing the Bitcoin network, and varies depending on network activity.

Note that neither of these fees go to Casa! We're offering this feature free for the safety and convenience of our customers, and are not marking up fees. 

Here's an example of how your fees might look for a purchase within the US:

  • If you purchase $50 worth of bitcoin - your fee would be $0.30 + $1.45 for a total of $1.75 in fees (not including mining fee).
  • If you purchase $250 worth of bitcoin - your fee would be $0.30 + $7.25 for a total of $7.55 in fees (not including mining fee).

Getting started

For iPhone, we've integrated with Apple Pay for the smoothest and safest buying experience possible with Casa App.

Android users are not able to purchase using a debit card at this time, but most US-based Android customers still make purchases via a linked bank account (ACH)

Setting up Apple Pay (for iPhone)

The first time you make a bitcoin purchase, you may be prompted to add a card or other info to your Apple Wallet:

  1. Debit card - If you haven't set up Apple Pay with a debit card, you'll be prompted to add one. Right now, bitcoin purchases are with debit card only - credit cards aren't supported.
  2. Address + Mobile Phone - If you haven't added an address or phone to your Apple Pay account, you'll want to add one. This info is required for processing by Wyre, our purchase partner, and is never stored on Casa servers. For more details, see our FAQ below ("What personal info is required?"). 

Making your first bitcoin purchase with a debit card

  1. Tap the "Buy" icon in the bottom nav bar in your Casa App - where you can monitor bitcoin price activity.
  2. Tap "Buy Bitcoin" when you're ready to make your purchase.
  3. Enter the amount you'd like to purchase - denominated in USD. On this screen, you can also select the "Destination" you'd like your coins sent to (Wallet, Basic Multisig, or Key Shield).
  4. Tap "Preview Purchase" to review your order.
  5. Tap "🍏 Pay" when you're ready to complete your purchase!

If your order is successful - you'll get a notification: "Your Bitcoin order was placed."  Your coins will arrive in your Casa wallet anywhere from a couple seconds to several minutes (depending on volume and network activity).

After your order has been sent, you can tap the 🕗 Bitcoin Purchases icon to follow its progress. 

What personal info is required?

We’ve worked to keep information intake as minimal as possible—for both convenience and safety.

All that's required is: card information, full name, email, phone number, and address.

This is collected and verified through Apple Pay and processed by our purchase partner Wyre. No personal data passes through Casa servers or is stored by Casa at any point in the process. 

A note for our privacy-conscious and/or pseudonymous clients -

  • This feature has zero impact on existing or future psuedonoymous clients. All existing KYC free features are preserved.
  • This feature is 100% opt-in. If you decide not to use the Buy BTC feature, you can still use Casa like normal. You will never be prompted to provide personal info.
  • This feature in no way changes Casa's regulatory model

Video tutorial of purchasing in Casa App via an Apple Pay debit card:

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