QR code backups for mobile key and Pay key

QR code backups in the Casa app for both Android and iOS are alternative ways to back up and transfer your encrypted mobile key or encrypted Pay key between devices easily.

NOTE: QR code backups cannot be used to restore keys outside of the Casa app. QR code backups can only be used to transfer key data between your devices where you are logged in to your Casa app.

For information on how to export the mobile key seed phrase for use outside of the Casa app as part of our Sovereign Recovery feature, see Exporting the mobile key seed phrase

For information on how to export the Pay key seed phrase for Sovereign Recovery, see Recovering Pay funds outside of Casa.

The mobile key (part of multisig vault setups only) and the Pay key in the Casa app (available at all plan levels) are encrypted and backed up to your phone's cloud service. 

If you're using an iPhone, they are backed up to iCloud. 

If you're using an Android phone, they are backed up to Google Drive.

By having these keys backed up in your phone's integrated cloud service, you can easily restore those keys on a new phone, should you lose access to your current phone, or if you were simply making a transition to new phone you've just purchased. 

If my key is backed up to my phone's cloud service, why would I need to use this QR code backup?

Normally, you would not need to use QR code backups, and backing up your QR code is considered optional.

Please see Transitioning to a new iPhone or Transitioning to a new Android phone to see how you would transition to a new phone without the need for QR code backups. 

The QR code backup is intended to be used in the following scenarios: 

  • You are transitioning from an iPhone to an Android phone
  • You are transitioning from an Android phone to an iPhone
  • You would like to mitigate the risk of being locked out of your Apple or Google account

How do I use the QR code backup?

To take advantage of the QR backup if you're transitioning between different phone operating systems, or if you simply want to have this backup available to you for future use within your Casa app, you can export the QR code from your current (or "old") phone, and restore the key on your new phone.

The following instructions are shown for the mobile key (part of a vault setup), but the instructions are identical for the Pay key.

NOTE: The mobile key in a multisig vault and the Pay key are separate keys, and will need to be backup up individually if you have funds stored with both keys (both wallets).

First, tap the vault or the Pay card from the home screen of your Casa app, select the key (for the vault), then tap "Import or Export Backup." 


Next, tap "Export Mobile Key Backup."


Here, you'll be shown a QR code, which you can screenshot, export, or leave open on the phone to scan on your new phone. 


If you are only saving the QR backup for possible future use, then simply keep that QR code in a safe place. 

Keep in mind that this data is encrypted by your Casa app, and can only be decrypted by your Casa app. While you should not purposely share this with anyone, the data (since encrypted) would not have value to an attacker who did not also have access to your Casa app login credentials.

If you are transitioning to a new phone, and the key is not yet on your new phone then the next step would be to import the QR code into your new phone. 

The app should give you a message that your key is missing. From here, tap "Import Mobile Key Backup."


Here, you'll see the option to import a Casa backup.


From here, tap "Import," then scan the QR code backup using your phone's camera. This should automatically import the backup to your new phone, and decrypt the data for use in the app. 

That's it! 

To ensure the health of the imported key, navigate back to the mobile key (or Pay key) icon from the home screen of your Casa app, and do a health check. This ensures that the backup you've imported is healthy, ready to sign a transaction when you need it to, and backed up to your cloud drive. 

Securing a PDF of your QR code backup

If you're storing more than $1,000 in your Casa vault (or Pay key), we recommend storing a paper copy of your QR code backup(s) as an extra precaution. Below are some FAQs and best practices for keeping it safe.

How can I download my PDF?

After tapping to view your QR code backup in your Casa app, tap "Save PDF."

How should I keep my QR code backup safe?

Print this PDF out and keep it in a safe place, like a bank vault or home safe. If you'd like, you can also save it to an offline storage device like a USB stick or external hard drive. DO NOT keep a copy of these instructions in your email, on any cloud storage service (Dropbox, Google Drive), or on any phone or computer connected to the internet! If an attacker got access to your email account and this backup, they could reset your Casa password and use your Casa account to decrypt this key. This means they could steal all the funds in your Pay wallet and, if you’re a Casa member with multisig, they could compromise the security of your multisig accounts. If you need to email the instructions to yourself before printing, be sure to purge them from your email immediately.

What should I do if I lose it?

No worries. You can download it again from your Casa app, but note that you can only do this if the key is still intact on your device.

Do I ever need to replace it?

Under normal circumstances, no. If you create a new Pay key (or a new mobile key as part of a vault), you should download a fresh QR code backup through your Casa app. Your new keys won't be included in the original QR code because they didn't exist yet.

What if someone sees it?

There's no need to panic. All sensitive information is encrypted and can only be unlocked through the Casa app with your unique account. Still, you should make best efforts to keep this PDF private.

Should I write my Casa password on my QR code backup printout?

Definitely not! If your Casa password is on your backup, then anyone who gets access to it will be able to steal the funds held in your Pay wallet. If you're a Casa multisig member, the security of your multisig wallets would also be compromised.

What if Casa is unreachable?

Again, your QR code backup is designed to help you restore your private keys through your Casa app. In the event Casa were ever unreachable, you would need to use our Sovereign Recovery instructions. You can view those in the email you received when you first set up your vault.

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