How to sign with a hardware device without email access

In order to send funds from your Casa vault, you need to approve the transaction using one or more hardware devices. 

Normally, when you need to apply a signature to a transaction, you conveniently receive an email with a link you can click that takes you where you need to go to sign that transaction.

NOTE: The following only applies to hardware device types that do not use QR code signing. Some device types we support leverage QR codes and device cameras to request and apply the signature. A laptop or desktop computer is not needed for these device types. See also: Supported platforms and hardware device firmware.

This convenient process of applying a signature by clicking a link in your email, however, is dependent on the infrastructure of your email provider. 

Email providers are not immune to outages, and they have the right to restrict user access to their platforms at their discretion. This is why we offer the ability to obtain a transaction signature link without needing to rely on an email provider.

The ability to sign without email can be useful if:

  • Your email service is temporarily down
  • You are locked out of your email account
  • Casa's email service is experiencing a delay

How does it work?

You would initiate a transaction as normal, and when signing with your hardware device, you would tap "Send email."


Once you tap "Send email," the following screen will appear. Here, you can tap "I didn't get the email" at the bottom.


Tapping that will open up a share menu giving you direct access to the signing link. On this screen, you can choose which application you want to use to share the signing link, or you can copy it directly to your phone's clipboard.


However you share the signing link, you must access that link from your laptop or desktop computer to sign the transaction. 

How do I get the link from my phone to my computer without manually entering it into the URL field of my browser?

If you're using an iPhone and Mac, you can use AirDrop or other application to send the signing link instantly from your iPhone to your Mac.

If you're not set up for AirDrop, or you're using Android, Windows, and/or Linux, you can also send a message to yourself containing this link using a different service that you can access from both your phone and your computer. You would simply copy the link address URL from the phone, then paste it into a place where you can send it to yourself. Some examples of messaging apps that can be used on both your phone and your desktop/laptop computer are: 

  • Signal
  • Keybase

This feature is just one example of how Casa eliminates single points of failure and adds robustness to your security setup.

By removing reliance on email providers, your sovereignty level increases.

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